Monday - August 21, 2006

So, I'm not dead (yet) I've just been lazy with the comic and busy with other stuff all at once. My apologies for leaving you guys hanging like that.

First off, I gotta comment that Ian, Rob, and myself had a great time hanging at his place about a month, and I hope he had a happy birthday. We totally got Rob hooked on Naruto. A nerdier 3 you'll never find...

Speaking of, I just got back from a few weeks ago I went to AFO (Anime Festival Orlando) with Krissy. We had a blast, although I have to say that JCON was more fun for my money. AFO was small, but the vendors were nice and I got some really cool Prints and Sketches, which I will share next time (maybe even a photo or two) So thanks to the AFO people for putting on a nice Con.